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Let’s Change Your Game

  • Guided Meditation to help Drop the Stress
    30 min
    Sliding Scale
  • The Best Gameplay in the Galaxy!
    1 hr 30 min
    Prices Vary
  • Adventure Awaits!
    Prices Vary

Samir Lyons

Senior 3D Artist & Director of Production

My call with Aaron was not only helpful but inspiring. Aaron doesn't like excuses or "should-of, could-of, would-of's". He likes passion, action and idea's that go beyond the norm. He asked thought-provoking questions that led to product ideas, but also really listened to what I was saying which informed him about what drives me; a key to his strategy. We covered how to discover my market, ways to build engagement and customers, as well as, best format for my game. All in all a productive call!

Josh Fulmore 


Lead Designer En Masse Entertainment

Gamer's way is a guide to help ask yourself and others important questions that simply don't come up while we're in auto-pilot everyday. Take a moment and consider pursuing a larger perspective on how we do things, and why. These moments will contribute to a much more satisfying experience from the game of life.

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