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Aaron LeMay

Founder of The Gamer's Way,

Creative Director, Speaker


A boy from small-town Texas is introduced to Pong and Dungeons and Dragons by his parents. As a result, he quickly starts to see all of life as a game, which drives him to become a designer and developer in the game industry. After helming some of the most successful games of our time, he is summoned to help people level up in real life. He creates The Gamer's Way to universally gamify reality, to help players of all builds master life by applying gaming skills & principles.


A 20+ year veteran of the gaming industry, Aaron LeMay directed the visual design, creative and game production at Volition, Bungie, and more where he made major contributions to multi-million dollar franchises including Red Faction, The Punisher, Saints Row, TERA, and Microsoft’s billion-dollar franchise Halo.

As the creator of The Gamer’s Way, LeMay helps thought leaders, industry influencers, and pros of all disciplines master their gameplay to help them level up in life. Facebook, Nickelodeon, Gensler, Bungie, and others have used LeMay’s focus to provide a structure for innovation, creative problem solving, and foster fluid communication to take individuals, as well as teams, to a new level of perspective and productivity with The Gamer’s Way.

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